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Tourist Information Centre in Oświęcim
Tourist Information Centre in Oświęcim
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Oświęcim is a town with rich cultural tradition. Numerous cultural institutions working here run wide and variety activities of a local character, which satisfies the cultural needs of residents of the town and district. There are also organized different activity at national and international level. Their main task is to create the image of Oświęcim as The Town Of the Peace, popularizing undertaken peace initiatives and promotion of creative environments of Oświęcim in Poland and abroad. Among the cultural institutions working in our town should be mentioned:  Oświęcim Cultural Center, Municipal Public Library " The Book Gallery", Jewish Museum, The Castle Museum, International Youth Meeting House and The State Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum.

One of the main animator of culture in Oświęcim  is Oświęcim Culture Center, which rich offer is addressed both to the residents as well as  tourists visiting the town. The  most important projects organized cyclically are:  International Amateur Film Festival "Kochać człowieka", The National Biennial of Photography "Kochać człowieka", The  National Meeting of  Reciters and Singing Poetry "Amor sprawił", The Literary Writing National Competition "Pisanie dobre na Chandrę" or The National Art Competition "Darujmy światu Pokój".

The Castle Museum started their activity on January 1st , 2010 and since then it is a place of important events in the history of the town. The mission of the museum is to promote the history of Oswiecim. The collection includes: documents, stamps, coins,  maps,  books,  photographs, everyday articles and  archaeological monuments. Most of the exhibits  presented on the permanent exhibition show the life of inhabitants of Oświęcim before war. The presentation is enriched about the reproductions of old photographs. The flagship event organized by Castle Museum since 2010 is Jarmark Kasztelański.

Municipal Public Library " The Book Gallery " working since 2011 in modern building, designed the model of contemporary trade galleries, continues expanding its cultural offer. Except its basic functions it organizes numerous activities, workshops, exhibitions and others events addressed to children, youth or adults.

The face of cultural town is majority shaped by functioning here local and regional media.  Gazeta Krakowska and Głos Ziemi Oświęcimskiej have their seats here. Access to the current information, also cultural ones is easier owing to local information portal: faktyoświęcim, oświęcimonline and oświęcim.naszemiasto.

Jewish Center which was founded in 2000, has also significant input in cultural and educational activity. It's task is cultivating the memory of the Jews,  as well as the education of future generations about the world that has disappeared forever in the Holocaust and teaching about the dangers stemming from prejudice and intolerance. According to the assumptions, the center in addition to lectures, workshops and educational conference, also organizes concerts and outdoor events popularizing and approaching the Auschwitz Jewish history.

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