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Tourist Information Centre in Oświęcim
Tourist Information Centre in Oświęcim
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For the residents of Oświęcim sport and recreation always were important part of their life. Having good sport facilities many of them decide to do sports and they have many fans.
In 1999 Municipal Sport and  Recreation Centre (MOSiR) was founded, and from the beginning of its existence is responsible for organizing sport and recreation events for the inhabitants and also sports activities  for children and youth. Working there sport-recreation sections, such as: ju-jitsu, mini-volleyball, mini hockey or football and  leagues of volleyball, basketball, bridge sports, table tennis and football engage young people  for active spending their spare time.
Oświęcim has got very good conditions for active and recreational sports. The residents and tourists can  take advantage of the Olympic size swimming pool, indoor ice rink or the tennis court (at Jaracza str.) and  sports fields belonging to MOSiR. Moreover the town takes part in the government program „Moje Boisko - Orlik 2012” which aim is building sports fields at the schools. Recently it has been built three such objects: at Obozowa str.,  Bema str. and Konarskiego str. and at Budowlanych str. In winter there are open seasonal ice rinks at Obozowa str. and Batorego str. Good sports facilities and professionally trained staff are the advantages of a town that can boast the athletics who were successful  in the international arena. Famous figure-skating pair – Dorota Zagórska and Mariusz Siudek– the European Vice-champions, the medalists of the World Championships, the  Olympians and Polish champions multiple come from Oświęcim. Also  swimmer Paweł Korzeniowski – Polish champion multiple, champion and vice-champion, European champion, Olympian was born in Oświęcim.  The local hockey team - Unia Oswięcim – multiple Polish champion went down permanently in the history of Oświęcim.
Oświecim is a place where an amateur sport developes rapidly and currently over 20 associations work here. Sporting events organized regularly gather the crowds of spectators and fans of active recreation. More and more popular is Bike Rally - a family event for the fans of two wheels, organized annually by MOSiR.  Almost 30 km route of journey, each time a little different, allows to admire the beauty of Oświęcim Land. Oświęcim Runner's Club "Zadyszka" promotes and encourages a healthy lifestyle, regularly organizing its marathon.

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